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Dark Secrets and Haitian Hell In The Review For A Voodoo Possession

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Voodoo Possession


Voodoo is a religion that has lasted for 400 years. It is popular today thanks to books, and shows like American Horror Story. But at a time films involving voodoo ran rampant. Some of the earliest zombie films all involved voodoo as that practice is one of the central reasons the undead exists today. So I was genuinely interested when the film Voodoo Possession was placed in front of me. Add to that the hardest working man in show business Danny Trejo and I felt as if this would be a film I would truly enjoy. Unfortunately that was not the case. While Voodoo Possession has things I think most fans will enjoy the storyline seems to fight its own self which leaves me with jumbled emotions after viewing, and I now share them with you.

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Voodoo Possession stars Ryan Caltagirone as Aiden Chase a young man on a journey to find out the reasons behind the disappearance of his brother. The two have had a falling out but now the things that used to haunt Aiden’s brother Cody (David Thomas Jenkins) now haunt him. He knows the only way to rid himself of this demon is to find his brother and finish this once and for all. The only issue is there is an evil spirit possessing the patients of the haitian hospital he was in and one of them named Happy Man is the scariest of all. The only way he can go to the hospital is with a friend looking to cover the story and also find out whats going there. Soon reality becomes a escape to the spirit world that they may not ever return to from.

The main issue that I have with this film is the story. What starts as a real in depth look into voodoo soon becomes more a story on dark family secrets. It really made me question why the voodoo portions even existed. It was weird to me how the brother who had been in trouble so much turned his life around so quickly. It seemed as if in a short span he went from being a miscreant to a doctor helping patients in an insane asylum? It was not too difficult to overlook the as the main focal point seemed to be the spirit world. Aiden kept going back and forth in his head and soon became a vessel himself to enter. I really had no issues with the spirit world just that it seemed as if the voodoo was forced upon this movie. To be honest most of the time I felt as if I was watching two different movies. It really caused for a break up in the fluidity of the film and luckily there was enough going on otherwise to still make this a somewhat entertaining movie.

Hey I give props to anyone making a film these days especially using such a bold topic as voodoo. I just wished the film stayed on that task. I won’t spoil the movie by delivering what scenes I enjoyed or disliked just know that Voodoo Possession will have parts you will find good and bad. It’s just the rest of the stuff you may have a problem with. Happy Man is awesome and I would enjoy seeing a movie with just him by himself terrorizing people.The hospital seemed to be a great start for the film and even though it was used throughout it felt lost from the final piece. Is this a movie truly about voodoo possession? Yes but there is definitely more at play here. How that will work for moviegoers I’m not sure but I know one thing they won’t feel as if they have been possessed after watching this film, just confused.

Voodoo Possession stars Danny Trejo, Ryan Caltagirone, and Kerry Knuppe. It will be on DVD January 14th and is being distributed courtesy of Image Entertainment.


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