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Daredevil #7. If you read one comic this month, make it this one.

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Daredevil #7


First off, sorry for the pop-ups, for Mackeeper, or That's just how Examiner rolls. Now, for the review.

Daredevil #7 continues playing its part in the current Marvel event, "Original Sin." The main comic bearing that name is actually very good; a proper mystery, and an "event" that doesn't feel arbitrary, overwrought/unecessary, or contrived — which is pretty good, considering the cycle of continuous events that are the hallmark of Marvel and DC.

In this second chapter within the Original Sin trope, we find a major revelation about DD's mother. And it's one of the strongest, most moving, and most "real" stories I've ever read in a superhero comic. It's about why Matt Murdock's mother left him and his dad, and it packs a powerful punch, one that will positively impact the character hereafter (unless some ass retcons it later).

It deals with postpartum depression. And it does so tastefully, non-preachy, or simplistically. Matt's reaction is sensitive, mature and believable. He's now the strongest character in Marvel's pantheon of heroes. Just awesome stuff, here.

There's a Netflix "Daredevil" series in development. If they want to hit it out of the park, all they need do is use this stellar Mark Waid run, and this issue in particular, as their bible.