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Daredevil #1.50. NEXT!

Marvel Comics
Mark Waid, Javier Rodriquez, Marvel Comics

Daredevil 1.50


Genearally, when you see a Marvel "1.5" comic (or in this case, 1.50) you know you're in for some filler, often from folks outside of the regular series' team.

Daredevil 1.50 is essentially that. Ostensibly created as an homage to DD's 50 anniversary, it feels more like a quick cash grab (at an higher-than-usual price). The lead story by Mark Waid and Javier Rodriquez is well done, but it does 0 to advance the current storyline forward, and feels unconnected to DD's past, in the way similar anniversary issues are.

Next up is a Brian Michael Bendis story. It's essentially a long prose piece, with some Alex Maleev flavor illustrations. Brian Michael Bendis is responsible for everything that's convoluted and dull with so many Marvel titles under his stewardship. He should attempt to write the Great American Novel and get it out of his system before he scripts another comic book.

The final story is courtesy of the Kesel brothers and although it revisits Matt Murdock's fake twin, it's still a complete waste of time.

There is no need to buy this comic. But if like me, it was an automatic pull by your local comic store, then you're probably stuck with it. I suspect DD editorial was banking on this strategy when they were putting this comic together.