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'Darby O'Gill And The Little People' Movie Review: Never cross a Leprechaun

'Darby O'Gill And The Little People (1959)'
'Darby O'Gill And The Little People (1959)' Walt Disney Pictures

'Darby O'Gill And The Little People'


Darby O'Gill (Albert Sharpe) has been the caretaker of Lord Fitzpatrick's (Walter Fitzgerald) land for some time. He has been regaling the locals at the pub of his tales of his fights with King Brian of the Leprechauns (Jimmy O'Dea). You know the little people, that's what is a Leprechaun. People have been for years letting the old man talk and talk and they love to hear his stories.

Well that sad day when he got the sack and Michael McBride (Sean Connery) took over as caretaker of the land was one for the books. You see Darby actually likes Michael, so much so, that he wants him to marry his daughter Katie (Janet Munro).

Darby is superstitious and he doesn't want anything to go wrong for the couple so he asks King Brian for a helping hand. Now the two have been going at each other for years and Darby thought the King owed him one, but the King wouldn't go along.

Darby and the king would eventually have to help each other but for me to tell you that would give away the story and when you are dealing with the little people you have to be careful about giving away the story. So you pick this movie up and you take a gander all the fun and festivity that is had at the hands of the little people.

Director Robert Stevenson has brought us a lovely tale of fantasy and belief. He has brought us a wonderful group of actors who tell this tale and make it a joy to watch. So on this St.Patrick's Day why don't you gather the family and watch a wee bit of fantasy at the hands of those little people the leprechauns. Enjoy.