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Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army have a 'Perfect Mix' with new album

Endangered by Secret Army


Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army’s recently released album, Endangered, is a delightfully eclectic mix of funky rhythms and fresh melodies, effortlessly showcasing the band’s trademark sound and natural talents. The group feels it is their “best yet” and listeners will undoubtedly agree; it is groovy, upbeat and will get you swaying along in no time. The ten track album features new and original material, while expanding studio-wise with live drums, a grand piano, a six-string bass and of course those spectacular synthesizers.

Secret Army live.
Nick Bissel
The new album from Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army
Nathan Boucher

Mudsy is the opening track and has a great flow, with lots of dazzling piano playing.

Seasonal Fruit shows off the bands signature percussion and synthesizer styles.

A Perfect Mix is all about funky basslines and smooth vocals, featuring Paul Hill on leads.

I-Detective delves into progressive chords.

Endangered, the title track, balances strong and funky bass with light and airy vocals.

Robots Don’t Die is very unique, vibrant and up-tempo, sizzling with fabulous synthesizer work.

Bedrosian says of the track “Robots don't die was one of the songs we had slated for this album early on, it is a collaboration between the main three members of the band (as we often play as a trio), myself, Lige Curry on bass, and Benjamin "Benzel" Cowan Jr; all three of us are members of Parliament-Funkadelic as well. I conceptualized the track in a way where I thought about Robots being sort of like eternal beings, and the synthesizer in the track is supposed to be like a Robot talking or even singing throughout the track. It's confident and digital lyrical tones bounce to and fro, and sort of exemplify that immortality. I also wanted to equate the immortality of something like a song, or music in general, with something else immortal, or at least something undying; Robots immediately came to mind!”

Infiniti III is a fun, quick piece of recorded audio from a rehearsal recorded a few years prior.

Ayo is possibly the most eclectic song on the record, revolving through interweaving synthesizers, tinkling piano notes and drums that in points almost sound tribal.

Rounding out the track listing are instrumental versions of I-Detective and Mudsy.

You can get Endangered on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon or at

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