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Danity Kane Has Us Addicted to Their ‘Lemonade’ On Comeback Smash

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Danity Kane - 'Lemonade'


Danity Kane finally released their new single yesterday called 'Lemonade' and critics and fans across the nation are loving it. The female group, now a quartet, achieved hella success after releasing two number one albums in 2006 and 2008, both skyrocketing to the top of the charts. Fresh off Danity Kane's stint on Diddy's 'Making the Band' in 2005, Aubrey, Shannon, Dawn, Aundrea and D Woods (no longer involved) teamed up with Timbaland & Danja that created slick, classy and sexy pop music. Danity Kane and team take pop/r&b to an elevated level.

The new cover of 'Lemonade' features Aubrey, Shannon & Dawn as little girls dressed up selling lemonade (clever as hell, great job marketing team). Missing is Aundrea, who until recently was sharing updates on social media outlets exciting her followers of their new music. Strange she is not on the cover, although, I must say it would be even better as the trio – they're the milk-chocolate Destiny's Child of our rapidly changing, progressive generation. Danity Kane Kontinues to create innovative tunes that make you want to get up and shake your ass.

Whether or not pop music is your thing, especially by women, click below to listen to Danity Kane's luscious lemonade and be sure to check out cuts from their sophomore album, 'Welcome to the Dollhouse,' 'Striptease' 'Bad Girl,' 'Pretty Boy' & 'Ecstasy.'

Welcome back, Danity Kane!