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"Dance of Reality" review

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The Dance of Reality


Alejandro Jodorowsky's first film outing in twenty-three years, is fantastic. It's amazing that he has lost none of his skill or edge as he's grown in an older age. "The Dance of Reality" is fabulous in practically every way. Everything from cinematography to audio to overall style, is constantly thought out. Choosing to make the film in his native language is also a strong choice in creating such a powerful atmosphere.

The only problem that could be brought up is the lack of quality in the digital effects. Considering it's a Jodorowsky film, one can assume that it's intentional. Perhaps his goal is to create the realism in the cinema by poking holes in his own production, which is something he's known for doing. These things require a little perspective on the film-maker but luckily, "Dance of Reality" is that perspective and more.

While this film is not for everyone, it is leaps and bounds closer to a real classic than most things that come out of Hollywood. This one gets a strong recommendation.