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Damian Wilde's Nouveau Noir EP Review

Damian Wilde's Nouveau Noir EP


Based in Cape Town, Damian Wilde's sound is downbeat blended with R&B. On the EP entitled Nouveau Noir, Wilde's sound is abstract, full of emotionally tinged melodies and has to be carefully listened to because of its subject matter. The 5 track EP is a poetic project where Wilde articulates the challenges he's had in music. Introspective and reflective, Wilde's vocal tone is steeped in honesty, and a sense of provocative roughness that makes for an enthralling musical experience.

Damian Wilde
Damian WildeDamian Wilde

The opener, "The Umbrella Co." finds Wilde speaking on the price of fame, its ups and downs. At times, Wilde engages with an impassioned conversational hook and at others feels to be pleading to hold onto what he's come to know as a performer. On "Temepstuous," Wilde reflects on society, its ills and the need to escape, while "Disco Shit" pulls the curtain back on the insightful mind of Wilde. The song could be called the most inner-directed on the EP. The closer, "Alive" finds Wilde singing hauntingly over a simple, straightforward beat.

Damian Wilde has a story that is interesting to read and more importantly presents a significant amount of material to unveil to the public. Stating that he uses music to make sense of his upbringing having been around schizophrenics and manic-depressives whom his mother cared for at the Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital, Wilde states that "My heart, it feels tainted and black. There are a lot of things that are wrong inside', he says. 'When I make a record I try and scrape off pieces of it, smear it on a record and send it out there,” he says. His records are keys that fit the locks holding his feelings, and he hopes those keys unlock the same emotions within his listeners. Or even if they just serve as a type of "comfort food" where, knowing that someone else is going through a similar situation is a comfort in itself." Wilde's EP is not the faint of heart in terms of subject matter, but is an honest and pensive musing.

Final Grade: A

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