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‘Dallas’ recap and review: ‘Playing Chicken’ and other childish games

John Ross
John Ross
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Air Date March 10

Bobby and Ann are reunited just in time for him to promise she and Emma will be safe at South Fork. Yeah, Emma might be safe but what about Pamela who is too busy smooching with John
Ross to notice the little vixen giving him a free peep show?

Fortunately, for all of us because rest assured this is going to be fun, Sue Ellen caught the whole thing including John Ross’ less than innocent glances towards Emma. Bobby beefs up security on the ranch and moments later he is called to interrupt a fight between John Ross and a ranch hand. However, Bobby does not stop the fight right away. Sly old dog.

While Emma is soaking up rays by the pool, Ann and Sue Ellen go over John Ross and Pamela’s wedding plans. Sue Ellen is obviously distracted and hesitantly tells Ann about her suspicions regarding Emma and John Ross.

Christopher visits Cliff in federal prison presumably to blow off some steam. As soon as he leaves, he gets pick-pocketed by a kid who then hands over Christopher’s wallet to a couple of baddies in a parked vehicle.

Ann gives Emma a good talking-to (to no avail, believe that). Emma goes shopping with Pamela for some honeymoon play clothes. Keep your enemies closer, right. John Ross blackmails Beau using his knowledge of the man’s drug dealing ways for leverage.

Emma and Pamela talk about their super hot boyfriends. Boyfriend singular really since they share the same man. Bobby interrupts John Ross’ little pow-wow using, of all things, a chicken. Who knew fowl had such power.

Down in Mexico, we find out that Nicolas Trevino’s wife is the culprit responsible for Christopher’s stolen wallet.

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