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Daily Update for October 18th, 2012

The Young and the Restless October 18th


Nikki walks into Victor’s office and finds him lying on the floor, unconscious.

At home, Victoria and Billy talk. Victoria is stressed. She says she is worried about her dad. Billy says to her that Victor is tough. This is just a setback, Victor will bounce back. Billy’s phone vibrates. He doesn’t even look at it. He is sure it’s Jack. He hasn’t been answering Jack’s phone calls. Jack wants Billy to go work for him. Billy doesn’t want to. Victoria asks him if he would spy on Jack for her. Billy isn’t so sure. Victoria says it’s not about her father or Jack, it’s about the future, themselves and the children.

Jack stands in his living room and John’s ghost appears. John is ashamed of Jack’s behavior.

Cane and Lily are having dinner at the Athletic Club. Cane checks his phone. He is hoping to hear from Jack for a promotion as the Newman children won’t be working for him. Genevieve appears at their table. She’s disappointed that Cane believes she hired that woman to pretend to be “Sam”. She asks Cane and Lily if they can get the woman to come down and they can ask her face to face why she is saying that Genevieve hired her.

Sharon is at home, having a drink. She remembers all of the horrible things said to her by Nikki, Nick, Victoria, Noah and Victor. She is upset. She grabs her phone and keys and leaves the house.

Ghost John lectures Jack. Jack replies, “If you were in my position, you would have done the same thing.” John disagrees. Jack has forgotten the business is about family. Jack is making it about himself and Victor.

At Crimson Lights, Nick is getting a coffee when Abby storms in. She wants to know how they can stop “Uncle Jack”. Nick says, “There is more to life than Newman.” Abby replies, “Which alien form took over your body”.
Nick’s phone rings. It’s Nikki! “What happened?” He asks.

John continues to lecture Jack. “What about Abby, Nick and Victoria?” Jack responds that they will side with their father. Jack wants his fathers’ support. He knows he won’t receive that. “We both know I did this for me”.

At Genoa City Memorial, Nick, Victoria, Abby and Nikki talk about what happened. They debate whether or not to call Adam. The doctor comes out. They are running tests on Victor because of his two untreated concussions in the past.

Adam and Chelsea are talking. “My father was rushed to the hospital”. Chelsea asks Adam if he wants to go see him. Adam doesn’t know what would be the point.
Sharon walks into the ranch. She yells for Victor, Nikki and the staff. She yells, “The current Mrs. Newman is home”. She begins hallucinating. She sees Victor, Nick and Noah and they are saying horrible things to her. She yells, “Leave me alone”.

Back at the Athletic Club, Lily approaches Cane and Genevieve with “Sam”. Genevieve asks Sam who hired her and Sam replies, “You did!” Genevieve tells Cane she is lying. “Sam” knows too many intimate details.

At the hospital, Nikki is pacing. Victoria and Abby leave. Nick asks Nikki if she will be okay. Nikki blames Jack for what has happened to Victor.

Chelsea tries to encourage Adam to go see Victor. He says he’s not wanted. Adams phone rings. It’s Sharon calling, however he tells Chelsea that it’s Kevin. He answers it. Sharon says nothing. She hallucinates and sees an angry Nick. She hangs up the phone and drops to the ground.

Jack is yelling at John’s ghost. Nick shows up and blames Jack for putting Victor in the hospital. Jack smugly responds, “Forgive me if I don’t mourn. I just attended his funeral.” Nick lunges at Jack. Jack doesn’t blame Nick for wanting to punch him. Nick says he wants to put his head thru the wall and tells Jack to go straight to hell. Nick agrees that Jack has a reason to not like Victor but says to Jack, “You’re going down the same path.”

At home, Victoria confides in Billy. Billy ensures her that this is just a setback. Victoria tells her husband that a part of her died when they lost Newman. Billy comforts Victoria and says all the right things. She tells Billy he’s a perfect husband. Billy tells her he gets it. He knows she’s worried about her dad. He says he misses his dad every day. He agrees to work for Jack and spy on him for the Newmans.

In the hospital room, Nikki holds Victor’s hand and talks to him. She tells him she loves him and begs him to come back to her. She paces around the room. Finally she falls asleep in a chair. Victor wakes up and sees Nikki. He takes her hand and whispers, “Nikki”. Nikki wakes up to a smiling Victor. She tells him not to move and she goes to get the doctor.

Nick tells Jack that somewhere along the road he lost his soul. Nick leaves. Ghost John appears again and agrees.

Katherine shows up at the hospital and Nikki fills her in. The doctor comes out of the room and confirms he was right. Victor’s brain was swelling because of the two untreated concussions. He will be fine with bed rest and taking it easy.

Adam is alone in his living room. He pulls out his phone and calls Sharon. Sharon is at the ranch, drinking. She answers the phone and asks what he wants. Adam tells Sharon he is concerned about her. Sharon begs him to help her.
Chelsea comes into the room. Adam lies and says that Kevin screwed something up and he has to go.

Sharon destroys the ranch. She hears voices again.

“Sam” is at the bar at the Athletic Club, having a drink. Genevieve begs Cane to believe her. Cane and Lily leave. Genevieve asks Sam again, “Who put you up to this?” Sam continues to lie. Genevieve says, “I will get to the bottom of this!”

Katherine and Victor have a chat. She reminds him that he has to let go and do what’s right for his family. He needs to remember what is important to him. Victor says while he is lying there, he is already planning on lashing out. He feels he has to fight more than just Jack Abbott though.

“Sam” makes a phone call. “Everything is proceeding exactly as planned.”

Billy goes to see Jack. He accepts the job offer because this is “little Johnny’s legacy” whether it’s Newman or Abbott.

At the hospital, Nikki, Abby, Victoria and Nick are with Victor. Victor says he’s had a little set back. Nick thinks it was a warning. Victor says he now has clarity about Newman and he’s made up his mind and it will affect each of them.

Sharon pours alcohol all over the ranch. She lights the drapes on fire.