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DADA ART BAR Exhilarates Ballpark (LODO) Neighborhood Locals

Michael Jenney



DADA Art Bar is committed to the advancement of artistic expression within the Denver community as a vital cultural force. It is their goal to support and develop the capacity of local, national, and international artists to reach Denver’s public with a platform for exposure as well as commerce. DADA Art Bar will be a space for the Denver community to experience and engage with the performing, literary, media, and visual arts. DADA's RiNo location will continuously house arts projects, including concerts, performances, public art, exhibitions, screenings, festivals, workshops, readings and more. The first Friday of each month will mark a new show and an exciting opportunity for artists to share and possibly profit from their work - regardless of professional artistic experience.

DADA’s approach to gallerism will be completely democratic. It will serve culture and history at large, as opposed to the exclusivity of the traditional gallery market. So that there is a more equitable and diverse range of artists and artworks represented, we will showcase a full spectrum of backgrounds and identities. All are welcome to become involved - whether by presenting, performing, experiencing, or purchasing works. DADA Art Bar is not only a place to participate in artistic inquiry and creation, but also a place to interact with artists and art enthusiasts, partake in dialogue and discussion about the arts, and enjoy a drink in the beautiful gallery space.

John Paul Cook is the general manager of the Art Bar while Mr. Ian, who owns both DADA and Amerigo's. Both the boys are super attractive, hip and treated my girlfriend & I, Jaime-Quinn Pastel, like royalty as the service and conversation never ceased. Attentive, social and intellectual, this classy, upscale BAR is hands down the coolest bar in Denver. Everything from management, staff, clientele and service are all A++. Whether you're looking for a low key happy hour before dinner or plan to hang all night, you will definitely meet great people, make awesome connections and honestly never want to leave.