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D–Cube City, an excellent shopping experience

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D-Cube City


One of Steve Jobs’ motus operandi was to create excellent experiences in Apple stores, and so it was for the creators of D-Cube. Located in southwestern Seoul (Sindorim-dong), D-Cube City is home to the Sheraton Hotel, excellent shopping and fine/casual dining. I stumbled upon it by accident while biking. I had recalled one of my students having mentioned it, but I thought he was talking about Rubik’s Cubes (he had become an expert at solving them). From the moment I walked in, I felt very relaxed. There is a lot of space! From above, water falls from beautifully designed indoor waterfalls and from below; waves of water roll under your feet through glass so clear one would think they were walking on water. I thought I was going to fall through. The stores have large open areas unique to D-cube with blood pressure lowering spaciousness that is wonderful. It’s relaxing. So much of Seoul is over crowded, especially in shopping areas. People walk in to people; there is no “breathing” room. Over-crowded, clogged-up shopping experiences create high anxiety. D-Cube offers an alternative–a beautifully designed, spacious resort that offers relaxing experiences.

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