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Cyfe dashboard makes online reputation management easy and fun!



With the ease of creating (and destroying) credibility on the internet, the process of online reputation management has become even more important than ever. The concept of online reputation management doesn't have to be scary or complicated. Online reputation management is a matter of managing the references to your brand, particularly in the search engine results (SERPs).

This week, ClickZ is getting ready for the final touch-ups before the conference in San Francisco. Topics include many different aspects of digital marketing. Earlier this year, in anticipation of the upcoming New York ClickZ, Andy Beal was interviewed about the topic of online reputation management and provided helpful tips on how to do it yourself. Another article from the ClickZ archives, Online Reputation Management 101 covers some basics in ORM.

Other sites have given their two cents, including Outspoken's ORM Guide, Forbe's Top Tips in ORM for brand management, Entrepreneur's reputation management, and another ClickZ article, in Search Engine Watch, on "15 Ways to Avoid Reputation Roadkill."

One of the key recommendations that shows up in all of these articles is the tip to *track* what is being said about the brand. Without knowing what is currently being said, it is difficult to actually do something about it (aka "manage").

Enter the Cyfe Dashboard.

This social media management (and more!) dashboard is helpful in doing many things, including online reputation management. It is not limited to ORM, but is a perfect tool to use to track the references to the brand and manage the brand's ORM, and so much more.

The Cyfe dashboard has so many features that make life easier, all under one roof (dashboard). The video, above, displays a few of these, including the "widgets" which are the fun drag-and-drop elements that connect to the existing social networks (of your choice).

The Cyfe tool boasts an easy-to-use interface of drag and drop. There is no hassle with trying to figure out where the button is to click and add to a column somewhere else. It is a matter of selecting what is desired and dragging it to the desired spot in the dashboard. At any point, these widgets may be moved (even removed). This allows opportunities to modify the layout and view of the dashboard to fit the objectives of the company/brand.

Cyfe also has a free account option. The free account is limited to five widgets, but this provides an opportunity to try out the dashboard and experience the true value. The cost is very low, especially compared to the cost of hiring staff members to join the ORM department of a company. There are no 401(k) retirement plans needed for the genius behind the Cyfe dashboard. When you look at the cost it that way, the ROI on this unique tool is huge!

Engagement and Monitoring.

The Cyfe dashboard provides a visually appealing way to catch those conversations that inspire further engagement, the type of engagement that helps to propel brand awareness ahead of the competition. The difference between engagement and monitoring is the level of engagement on that particular reference to the brand. In many cases, the response to what Cyfe displays on the dashboard is both: engaging in the conversation about the brand and monitoring to see that positive social signals are sent out about the brand. This is a solid plan in both online reputation management as well as the brand awareness aspect of the overall marketing plan.

Visit Cyfe to sign up for a free account and read along on the tips about online reputation management. It is a great way to test drive it and see the benefits. Using the Cyfe dashboard allows one to have the potential to become the ORM expert in the company, while benefitting the brand and working toward moving the brand ahead of the competition.

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