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Cy Kosis Drops a Banging Remix of "Mosh Pit" by Flosstradamus ft. Casino

"Mosh Pit" by Flosstradamus ft. Casino (CY KOSIS REMIX)


Remixing the work of popular artists is an ambitious undertaking. The artist doing the remixing must not only bring their own style and flavor to the track, but they must also do justice to the work that is already being done by the original artist or group. This is a difficult balance to sustain, resulting in the proliferation of subpar remixes throughout all genres. Electronic music is not exempt from this, and often times browsing through remixes on streaming sites like SoundCloud results in the sensation of walking through an audio minefield.

There are exceptions, of course. Many up and coming electronic artists are not only making names for themselves with their original tracks, but also through their adept remixing skills. Los Angeles's Cy Kosis is a great example of an individual who brings exceptional skill to anything he touches. His new remix, a trap rendition of "Mosh Pit" by Flosstradamus ft. Casino, is a powerhouse in every way, pushing the original track into unusual directions and making it a banger in its own right.

While retaining much of the lyrical elements of the original, Cy Kosis brings his own noise and samples to the remix, dropping the listener first into a cosmic wonderland of synth before unloading the catchy chorus of the original track. He toys with the structure of the chorus throughout, inserting a perfect drop about halfway through the track that allows his listeners to really hear his artistry juxtaposed with the original song by Flosstradamus and Casino.

Cy Kosis’s take on the trap genre in “Mosh Pit” is invigorating in its spectrum of musical influences, as well as being sonically enough of a contrast from the sound pursued in the original track, that it in and of itself can stand strongly alone. It is a rarity that a remix can be so aggressively unique while paying homage to its origins, but Cy Kosis has achieved the rare: making a great banger out of another great banger.

Listeners can stream the track on Beatport's SoundCloud. It is in the running for a contest with Beatport, so those impressed with the remix can vote for it here.

Cy Kosis can be found on SoundCloud and on Twitter.