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Custom Orthotics by USA Orthotics Provide Relief to Athletes

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USA Orthotics custom orthotics in St. Louis


The following Newswire press release on USA Orthotics explains how custom insoles can provide relief to athletes.

Custom inserts that are available from USA Orthotics offer relief for ailments that strenuous activity cause in some people. Orthotics are proven to help conditions that include Shin Splints, Tendonitis, and more.

( -- April 25, 2014) St. Louis, MO -- USA Orthotics provide custom inserts that offer relief for many conditions athletes suffer from due to strenuous activity. High impact sports that custom orthotics provide relief for include Football, Tennis, Running, Aerobics, Basketball, Soccer, Bowling, Baseball, Volleyball, along with many other sports that create excessive pressure and impact on the muscles in the feet and legs.

One of the most common ailments that many runners suffer from are shin splints. Shin splint pain can be drastically reduced and often completely alleviated by wearing custom orthotics while participating during the sport.

Tendinitis is another ailment that custom orthotics have been proven to provide relief to thousands of Americans who are suffering from daily inflammation and irritation of their tendons. Since all of the body’s weight is distributed on the feet, extreme pain is often felt by people suffering from Tendinitis. Popular sports the cause Tendinitis include Golfing, Tennis, Skiing, and even Gardening. People over 40 are affected more often by Tendinitis, because elasticity of their tendons begins to weaken with aging.

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