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Curse the Gods: Seeking the Frostfire

Curse the Gods' first studio album: Seeking the Frostfire


The first studio album from Curse the Gods is everything their growing fanbase would hope for. From start to finish it takes the listener on a journey through a fantasy world filled with fire-breathing dragons, unholy spirits and tales of warriors' bloodshed in epic battles.

Although the group is primarily known for its unapologetically heavy riffs and vocals that sound as if they're delivered by a demon that just crawled out of the depths of Hell, there are also many clean, intricate guitar melodies on multiple tracks, including the opening instrumental number, Wanderlust. These serve to give the album dynamics that even a non-metal fan could appreciate.

The lyrical context of songs such as "Betrayer of Deities" and "Dark Resurrection" is, to say the least, blasphemous and intended to offend. If you are a hardcore believer in any organized religion, this is probably not a band for you.

Many of the tracks can be heard as rallying cries of warriors of the past. "Brothers in Blood" and "Wenches Ale 'N' Herb" are fine examples of the glorification of such themes that the band loves to explore through its music and imagery.

The band held a cd release show on July 16 at the Roc Bar in Cleveland, Oh, which garnered a solid turnout according to guitarist Joe Kasl. The album is now available on iTunes as well as on cd for $10.