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CuppaJoe - Acoustic Classic Rock at it's Best

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The root of all classic rock music or any music for that matter has always started with the songwriter musician, a piece of paper, something to write with and of course an acoustic guitar. That one instrument has been the beginning of nearly every great song that has become a part of our souls since it's invention.

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For the generation that was born between the 1950's and the late 70's a lot of this music is referred to as classic rock. And when those songs are stripped of their studio production layers what you are left with is once again a musician and a acoustic guitar. This past Saturday evening the audience inside the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills waited in anticipation for an evening with the fabulous Beatles tribute band The Fab Four. As an added bonus the treat they received before the headline act was a three piece acoustic band called CuppaJoe. Featuring Michelle Tyler on bass guitar and vocal, Bob Weitz on guitar and vocals & Jim Kane on guitar and vocals (and sometimes Ken Dayton on drums and accordion but absent that night) the band played a mix of 1960's hits such as Get Together by the Youngbloods to 70's classics like Landslide by Fleetwood Mac and even more contemporary new classics such as Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams. And what they did was amazing. They played very faithful interpretations of each one of these very recognizable songs. They never once fall prey to the temptation of changing or altering what we the listener know them to be. They were straight up performances with Bob Weitz masterfully navigating those iconic lead guitar parts with Jim Kane hanging tight in that musical harmonic pocket through every song. And with Michelle Tyler's lushful vocal range and equally fluid bass guitar playing the entire CuppaJoe set was inspired, pleasing and left the audience wanting more.

I cannot recommend giving CuppaJoe a listen or even better when the opportunity presents itself I highly recommend you buy a ticket and attend one of their shows. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

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