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Cuffed Tied and Satisfied - Kinking up your sex life

Cuffed, Tied, and Satisfy your way to hotter sex with Mistress Jaiya.
Cuffed, Tied, and Satisfy your way to hotter sex with Mistress Jaiya.

Cuffed Tied and Satisfied


It’s no secret that the longer you are in a relationship the more creative you have to be when it comes to keeping the romance alive. Let’s be honest, wrapping yourself in a bow at Christmas or wearing sexy red lingerie on Valentine’s Day is not exactly the gift your mate was hoping for. Don’t get it wrong, they will ‘untie the bow’ and carefully remove the lingerie, but it’s not a surprise. Nor is it creative.

With longevity we know that it can become a little boring and sometimes rote in our approach and/or moves. Touch here, kiss, there, stroke her…you get the idea.

Fifty Shades of Gray seems to have brought out the wanderlust in everyone to spark things up, but before there was E. L. James, there was Zane who kicked erotica into high gear. She wrote from a deep sexual core that resonated with women and had them waking their spouses/significant others up in the middle of the night with images burned into their brain from page after page of her hot steamy sex scenes.

However, if you just don’t know where or how to kick some life back into your lifeless love life spice it up with Cuff Tied and Satisfied: A Kinky Guide to the Best Sex Ever by Jaiya.

Mistress Jaiya explains how she lost her inner sex goddess after the birth of her child and vowed to get it back. With the approval from her husband she embarked on a 40 day journey to spice up her love life and add a twist. She apprenticed with a well known Dominatrix not only to write her book but to bring the spark back into her sexless marriage.

Don't let the work "kink" deter you from this book as you will learn three key things:

  1. How to be more sexually open
  2. How to have hotter, better sex
  3. How to increase the intimacy in your relationship

Those are not the only factors, but as stated earlier as the longevity with our partner increases we must get creative to keep the home fires burning.

I give this book 5 stars!

Saundra aka SassyScribe