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'Cuban Fury' review: Dancing with comedic stars

Cuban Fury


Available for rental on Jul. 29, 2014, “Cuban Fury” is a comedy that snuck under the radar despite its three comedic stars’ fun popularity. Nick Frost, Rashida Jones, and Chris O’Dowd are respected in their field and with a first feature for director James Griffiths, “Cuban Fury” earns a watch for a cute and simple though predictable premise and a dance-off between Frost and O’Dowd that is plain silly.

Stars attend the premiere of "Cuban Fury."  Nick Frost
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

A former youth dancing star, Bruce (Nick Frost) gave up his love for Latin dancing out of embarrassment, disappointing his coach, Ron Parfitt (Ian McShane), and sister (Olivia Colman), but his passion is rekindled when he learns that his new boss, Julia (Rashida Jones), enjoys salsa. Wanting to impress Julia, Bruce puts his all into relearning the art of dance, but his bigheaded, playboy co-worker, Drew (Chris O’Dowd), plans to conquer Julia and sabotage Bruce.

Amusing enough, “Cuban Fury” relies on the affable appeal of Nick Frost, who manages to carry the entire film with his personable presence and dedication. A fun, light-hearted watch, the movie showcases Frost’s talents as more than just Simon Pegg’s partner in film. Frost even created the original idea for the story, though the screenplay was written by Jon Brown.

Little is unexpected in “Cuban Fury;” from the demanding teacher role to the competition that will win the girl’s attention, the script plays it safe. The main appeal of the film is the charisma of its stars.

A harmless, easy watch that most audiences can enjoy, “Cuban Fury” is rated R for a combination of language and sexual references. The crude humor stems from O’Dowd’s over-the-top Drew, but he is supposed to be despicable, repulsive, and pathetic. Mostly, the film is just simple, light-hearted entertainment.

Rating for “Cuban Fury:” B

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