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'Crown of Renewal' is a worthy conclusion to Paladin's Legacy

Crown of Renewal by Elizabeth Moon


'Crown of Renewal' by Elizabeth Moon is the concluding volume of Elizabeth Moon's "Paladin Legacy" and Moon does a good job concluding the various story lines in this very long series, while still leaving the story open to a further volume. As readers of this series know, Paladin's Legacy is really a continuation of Moon's great Deed of Paksnarrion, a trilogy that is the essential medieval swords woman series.

Paksnarrion, a great character, was a mere sheep farmer's daughter who joined a mercenary band and rose to prominence and then after some great doings and battles became a Paladin for her god Gird.

Moon, who was not content to leave that story arc, returned in the five volume Paladin's Legacy to tell the story of all of the other major characters in the mercenary band, and over the last four volumes she has done so, while further evolving the series and the world. If you enjoyed the Deed of Paksnarrion, you will miss some of immediacy of that story because it revolved around one or a few main characters, but you will love a return visit to that world.

Paladin's Legacy has a cast of thousands, but Moon still introduced new characters including a Dragon and Arvid, who have become central to the plot. Arvid, the former thief, has a big and welcome role in this concluding volume, as does the Dragon, which is a good thing. Arcolin, the leader of Fox Company and friend of gnomes has grown in these volumes and his story is interesting. Meanwhile Kieri Phelan's story seems a little tired, maybe because we know how this is going to end.

Meanwhile the best character in the series Dorrin, who has magic, again shows plenty of depth and heroism.

If you have read the first four volumes of the story you will have to finish it up. Its a little slow but worth the read if you are already invested in the series.