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Crowbar- Symmetry In Black (2014 eOne Music)

Symmetry In Black
Symmetry In Black
eOne Music

Crowbar- Symmetry In Black


Crowbar has been churning out sludge crusted, downtrodden morosity for 25 years.The seasoned veterans of the low and slow battalion are the architects of devastation and destruction. Let there be no curiosity unsatisfied, as Crowbar come roaring back with their tenth studio album “Symmetry In Black”. They deliver an album that only they could, an album that would be welcomed and gospel to the masses that followed and supported the band from it’s earliest days.“Symmetry In Black” sound is best to be described as Crowbar, and that is a wonderful thing. Many bands tinker and toy with their sound, as they must not feel there is enough substance within themselves to hang their hat on what got them to the dance. While Kirk and company have added new elements as the band has evolved throughout the years, they haven’t added anything that would make fans shake their heads in disbelief and spark a huge debate about why they have gone in such a direction. Simply put, Crowbar are the modern day Motorhead. When the album is started, you know what you are in for, you know what to expect for the most part. The Riff Lord knows how to make one and all beckon to the his Declaration of Destruction.

“Symmetry In Black” is the offering that goes to the past and brings it all back full circle to the present. Elements of each of the bands previous efforts can be heard, the raw heaviness of “Obedience Through Suffering, the morose heaviness of “Crowbar” and “Time Heals Nothing”, the melodic parts of “Odd Fellows Rest” encompassed with all of “Sever The Wicked Hand”. It truly is a rebirth and re-dedication to the legacy of Crowbar. Kirk has focused all his efforts on his baby, moving on from to Down to put all his energy and attention on his band of Slugs.

The album starts with “Walk With Knowledge Wisely” and crushes until the very last note is heard. The production is very clean, and calm down good people! “Symmetry” still kicks you in the balls every chance it gets. It is a constant nut shot and leaves you wanting more. Kirk has never had a melting pot of riffs like the bands newest destruction manual comes with. The band has never sounded tighter or better. The four horsemen of Sludge have ridden once again. Tommy Buckley keeps the Crowbar March churning. I have always loved that about a Crowbar record. The drums always set the tempo, like a tank entering the battlefield for a slow, deliberate, and calculated ground assault. New bassist Jeff Golden is Tommy’s field general of the the low end. Hearing the thunderous and earth shaking reverb will send the weak heading to the hills. Matt Brunson, Kirk’s commander of doom continues to evolve up through the riff ranks in this company, solidifying his spot as The Riff Lord’s right hand man. Riff Lord Windstein lays it all on the line on “Symmetry”, and brings out so much emotion whether it is with his guitar or vocals. Songs like “Symmetry In White”, “Ageless Decay” and “Amaranthine” showcase the range of emotions.

Overall I give “Symmetry In Black” a 10 out of 10. Let there be no doubt at all that Crowbar stand atop The Hierarchy of Heaviness, and are not relinquishing the spot anytime soon. This is a return for Kirk, a return to the past while cementing the future. We are all lucky to be a part of the “rebirth” of Crowbar so to speak. No more waiting 5 years for new music. No more shall we hold our breath for the band to destroy our cities on live campaigns of assault. Long live the riff, the heavy, the sludge! Long live Crowbar! NONE HEAVIER !


1- Walk With Knowledge Wisely

2- Symmetry In White

3- The Taste of Dying

4- Reflection of Deceit

5- Ageless Decay

6- Amaranthine

7- The Foreboding

8- Shaman of Belief

9- Teach The Blind To See

10- A Wealth of Empathy

11- Symbolic Suicide

12- The Piety of Self-Loathing

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