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‘Criminal Minds’ Recap: ‘Fatal’ choices


Criminal Minds


Here is some valuable advice. Just because someone writes you a death threat doesn’t mean getting arrested so you can hide out in a jail cell is going to keep you safe. This is the first thing we find out in this episode.

Once someone has pumped you with arsenic without your knowledge, there is no place to hide. Bill, the killer, is a big brute who loves Greek mythology and twine. Twine? Yes, he likes to measure out twine and leave a piece of it over his victims’ bodies. Bill is a bitter and twisted man, but more on that later.

A woman named Janice comes home and discovers a threatening note has been left for her. She calls the police thinking the note is part of a prank pulled by some of the neighborhood kids. Janice is wrong. The cops connect her call to Special Agent Rossi who instructs her to stay on the line while she checks out her home. But it doesn’t matter. Bill, who is standing outside watching, barges into her home and brutally murders his latest victim, Janice.

So how did Bill choose his victims? They didn’t know each other, but they did have one thing in common. They were all standing in line at a coffee shop the day Bill received a devastating prognosis. He has less than six months to live. So Bill, being sad and upsets, pulls up to the coffee shop parking log and watches all these happy people standing in line. He gets an idea. Kill them! Kill their happiness!

Meanwhile, the FBI team have already done their thing – profiling. Don’t you love it how they just all stand around and take turns explaining what they think or know about the victim? They are looking for a white male in his forties who is probably dying and angry about it so he decides the fate of others. Join him.

They narrow their search down to Bill, break into his house and find a bloody shirt hanging in the closet. Now why do people leave their bloody clothes around outside of a hamper? Why not wash it or better yet, when your shirt contains more than a washable drop throw the blood-soaked thing away.

The newly retired Bill shifts his attention from the remaining happy coffee drinker and focuses on his former boss, who kept him from going to Greece years ago. He drops by his office with a bottle of some sort of alcoholic beverage and pours the man an arsenic chaser. Morgan and JJ arrive in time to get the nearly doomed man to the hospital and inform the delusional Bill that if he had gotten on the airport shuttle bus all those years ago he would have never made it to Greece anyway. The shuttle bus crashed, killing all passengers on board.

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