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Creature Comforts Animal Hospital - A diamond in the rough

Animal Hospital


It can be extremely hard to find a local Veterinarian that you like and can trust with your pet's health care. Recently, one has been found. Creature Comforts Animal Hospital is an amazing clinic for all animals big and small. This hospital will see all pets, from the normal cats and dogs, to the more exotic big birds, down to the tiniest lizards or mice.

The Vet: Dr. Alissa Fairlie

Dr. Fairlie has been in practice for almost 10 years now. She has even traveled across the Atlantic to Africa and have treated some of the most exotic African wildlife. She has an amazing bed side manner that makes owners feel comforted. Her handling of your pet is very compassionate and she clearly treats all patients as if they were a member of her own family. She performs thorough exams and will go over findings with you. She encourages owners to ask questions and the be apart of the exam. Her goal is exceptional pet care and proper education of pet mom and dads. She if definitely a great find and amongst one of the best Vets in the Poughkeepsie area.

The Hospital

Creature Comforts Animal Hospital is definitely conveniently located. It is right off of Route 9 and they have a large parking lot. They have a great feature of a double door entrance. This is handy if pets get off their leash or get loose from their carriers. There is another door barrier, before they would be able to get outside and potentially lost. The waiting room is very inviting with pictures and their chairs are comfortable. They play a low decent music that is better than your average elevator music. They have a few product displays behind the reception desk where you can find foods, treats and dental products. The waiting room is very clean and it smells very nice. This is refreshing from walking into other clinics, that remind you that you are in an animal hospital. The exam rooms are very warm. They have nice chairs and are very clean. Each room has great funny photos of animals in it. They all appear to be nicely equipped with everything the doctor may need because she never has to leave the room to get anything.

The Staff

The staff of Creature Comforts are all very friendly. They appear to be a small group. All of the ladies are very friendly and are all extremely knowledgeable. Many of them have exotic animals of their own, which is great because if you cant talk with the doctor right away, they have a lot of great advice. The staff all have a smile on their face and they all will go out of the way to help you.

The Price

Creature Comforts is VERY affordable. Many owners worry about "breaking the bank", but definitely not a worry here. They are extremely reasonable with prices and you do not feel that they are gouging you when it's time for check out.

The Services

Creature Comforts offers wellness, sick, and exotic animal care. They can also accommodate emergencies during their business hours. Just recently they began to offer Nutritional Consults for pets, so that you can get an in-site on your pets dietary needs. They offer a variety of surgeries, as well as dental procedures on a weekly basis. Creature Comforts also has the ability to perform digital x-rays, on-site blood work and can call in specialist for Cardiology and Ultrasound on an as needed basis.

All in all, this Animal Hospital is turning out to be a blessing to the owners in the Poughkeepsie area. Creature Comforts is currently accepting new patient and have hours 6 days a week (they are closed on Sundays). Any pet owner who does not have a current good veterinary partner for their pet's health care, is urged to give Creature Comforts Animal Hospital a call.

More information on Creature Comforts Animal Hospital can be found at the link to their website, Creature Comforts Animal Hospital or their Facebook page (which have the cuties pictures of pets, ever!).

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