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Crazy for Crazy Roll

Sans Sushi - offering delicious lunch specials 5 days-a-week.
Sans Sushi - offering delicious lunch specials 5 days-a-week.Google

Sans Sushi & Thai Food Restaurant


I love sushi. There is something truly wonderful about pairing fresh seafood with perfectly cooked rice and delicious sauces; it makes my mouth happy. However, as is often the case, sushi has a tendency to make my wallet very, very sad. With a single roll costing you anywhere from $5 to $20, sushi very rarely makes it onto the radar of the budget conscious diner. Until now.

In the heart of downtown Cape Coral, lies the answer to all your sushi cravings! Located at 1306 Cape Coral Pkwy E, Sans Sushi is serving up some great tasting food at extremely reasonable prices.

My favorite thing about Sans Sushi is their lunch menu. For just $8.95, you can get two sushi rolls, of your choice, soup and salad. Feeling extra hungry? They have a three roll special, which still includes soup and salad, for just $3 more. These specials are only available Monday - Friday 11am-2:30pm. Next time you can't think of somewhere to go for lunch, do yourself a favor and take a trip to Sans Sushi!

PS - Order the Crazy Roll. It is AMAZING!