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Crawl into the “Torture Chamber”

Dante Tomaselli's "Torture Chamber"

Torture Chamber


Once again, we’re faced with an incredibly talented independent artist in the horror film industry, Donte Tomaselli. I can’t simply describe him as a filmmaker, he is so much more involved with his projects that to do so would be insulting.

Dante Tomaselli wrote, directed, and produced “Torture Chamber”, and if that wasn’t enough to impress you, he also designed all of the sound for the film. The solid involvement in so many facets of the process really comes through in the consistency of the film. The story flows smoothly, the characters are introduced and integrated with ease and fluidity, and the brooding musical pieces set behind the horror are more than fitting.

“Torture Chamber” is a chilling horror tale about an unholy bond between a loving mother and her sons. The oldest of the two is a catholic priest, despite his father’s opinions, and the younger of the two is a misguided thirteen year old boy with a sinister secret. As the body count begins to rise and the fears of select group of individuals are realized, it becomes clear that something must be done before it’s too late.

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