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CRASHprez & *Hitmayng: 'Fear Itself.' ep review

CRASHprez & *Hitmayng - Fear Itself.


CRASHprez is a local Hip-Hop artist who has done collaborations with a variety of other Milwaukee talents such as Cold Medina (Higher Education Records). A while ago he released an EP with another familiar name, *Hitmayng (RAGELIFE). The two collaborated on a project called Fear Itself. which was released via the new Catch Wreck label started by *Hitmayng. It's a six song EP dedicated to exploring mortality, survival, and the experience of being a Black male in 'post-racial' America. Additionally, it serves as the label's first official offering. Sounds pretty deep right? Continue reading below to see which couple of songs lingered with The Examiner long after the EP stopped playing.

Band Camp


The production here is gratifying. The sturdy base, foreboding musical elements, spirited tempo, and severe vibe come together fittingly. The hook is engaging. The delivery is lively and the lyrics are forward. The verses are quality. CRASHprez exhibits a quick flow, edgy wordplay, and no-nonsense rhymes. He makes it very clear that he has absolutely no tolerance for anything that he considers to be foolishness.

A handful of lines worth noticing are: "F--k you talking about? We on our f--king grind, s--t. F--k yo Word Press and yo blog and every lie b---h. I raise my double cup of water. Ha, see 'em in hell. Who's that motherf---er trying to kill us (...)? Me boy. What America don't want you to see boy. Not no doppelganger or decoy. I'm a human who can die. I talk my s--t while I'm alive." Those are some piercing bars right there. Overall, this a very arresting record.

"Do Somethin"

The production here is choice. The grounded foundation, eclectic secondary components, unique rhythm, and disciplined vibe make for a favorable mixture. The hook is on point as well. The delivery is intense and the lyrics are clear-cut. The verses are intriguing. CRASHprez serves up an animated flow, cutting wordplay, and outspoken crucial rhymes. He conveys a very striking message about the current treatment of Black males in today's society.

Absorb it as he spits: "Can't name 'em all but they in the ground. Dead Black boys all made me lose count. (...) A little blood shed to a plain white tee. A dead Black soul to some plain white sheets. For all intents and purposes, I'm pre-ordering hearses. Keep one on the side just in case they ride and prove to me I ain't worth a s--t. Jim Crow back. I said that's Jim Crow back. If they put Prez in the prison they couldn't get more Black, ya dig." That's an unforgettable way to close out the track right there. As a whole, this was a really compelling number and a site favorite. A video for the single can be viewed above.

Fear Itself. is an interesting EP. It definitely pushes the envelope content wise which makes for an exciting listen. Also, CRASHprez delivers everything in an attention grabbing fashion and his way with words is pretty impressive. The production is prime too. I dig the project and I believe fans with an open mind will like it as well. The only way to know for sure though is to hit up Band Camp and give the album an ear from start to finish. Salute to CRASHprez for taking a chance and sharing his music with us.

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