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Cracker Barrel for breakfast

Biscuits, gravy, and sausage
Biscuits, gravy, and sausage
Susan Slade

Cracker Barrel


We hadn't been to Cracker Barrel in ages, so when Len's daughter gave us a gift card, we decided to go for breakfast.

Len loves biscuits and gravy, you know the gravy that has sausage in it. We both ordered the gravy and biscuits, and Len also had a side of sausage patties.

When the food came out it was a white peppered gravy with no sausage in it. He was disappointed, but there was nothing we could do as we hadn't asked.

He had eaten quite a lot of his breakfast, when he noticed what he thought, was a hair. It was, in fact, a bristle from a brush, that they use in the kitchen.

Our server insisted in getting him another breakfast, and he said that he really couldn't eat it. She brought it in a to go box.

I can't say that we loved the meal, as it was just okay. We still have some money left on the gift card, so next time plan on getting eggs, pancakes, or something that we will enjoy.

We went to Cracker Barrel Store #626 in New Port Richey, Florida.