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‘Covert Affairs’ recap: ‘Shady Lane’ and shaky ground

Shady Lane
Shady Lane

Covert Affairs


New parents Joan and Arthur are at home enjoying their bouncing baby boy when Joan receives a phone call alerting her that Annie is back. Auggie goes to a park to meet with Annie, who has been gone for four months. Annie tells Auggie that she is ready to come back and wants him to be her handler again. There is one slight problem. After Calder and Auggie listen to Annie give a debriefing as to her whereabouts, they believe she is holding something back. Calder then steps in and asks her point blank. Annie basically says she just took a much needed unauthorized vacation.

Calder’s interrogation is cut short when he gets word that a terrorist has landed on American soil. So this means Annie is back on the grind as Calder immediately sends her to Chicago to handle this nasty bit of business. She meets up with her CIA contact - a friend of Auggie’s named Charlie. The two of them corner the bad guy at a luxury hotel where he is holding a maid at gunpoint. A few minutes later, it’s suicide by CIA. Bad guy and hotel maid runs out of there like someone is chasing her.

While Annie is in pursuit of another terrorist, we see that she does have a secret – a medical secret. Annie obviously cannot run for any length of time without having some sort of episode which causes shortness of breath. She stops her chase to call her doctor.

Auggie is out taking martial arts lessons with a little flirtation mixed in. Annie meets up with new guy Ryan McQuaid, a former Navy Seal turned billionaire private contractor who pilots his own private jet, by the way. McQuaid instantly takes a shine to Annie and asks her out to dinner. And let us not forget Calder who is out having a little afternoon delight with some female he probably shouldn’t be hooking up with. Even though Calder gets to keep his position for a while, he had been warned to get his act together. It looks like Calder is not so straight-laced after all. Oh shame on you Calder.

Annie, Charlie and other CIA agents keep tabs on a family of two brothers and one sister terrorist group. They eventually capture the younger brother and take him to their secret CIA location. Meanwhile, Annie hangs back after spotting the sister in a parked car outside. It’s a trap and a deadly one at that.

The sister, who happens to be a doctor, surgically implanted an IED inside baby brother’s body and soon the oldest brother detonates the explosive killing all CIA agents inside the building including the younger brother and Charlie.

Although shocked by what just happened, Annie is not too stunned to stop the twisted sister from driving off and a couple of bullets are just what the doctor ordered. So now that’s two down and one loony brother in the wind. Meanwhile, Peter accepts McQuaid’s job offer and its welcome back to covert ops Annie Walker.

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