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‘Covert Affairs’ recap: ‘False Skorpion’ harsh realities

False Skorpion

'Covert Affairs" False Skorpion


Borz Altan rears his ugly radical head in Venezuela with Annie hot on his trail. Auggie refuses to go unless it’s by force using a subpoena and a taser gun. That’s okay though. A team will be dispatched to assist in the mission and Annie will need some assistance. Venezuela is a lot of ground to cover plus she is showing signs of not being in the best of health these days.

Annie runs into a familiar face almost immediately upon arrival. Although McQuaid’s face is not the one she is searching for, it is a much better face than that of one outlined by hatred and evil intent. Unbeknownst to Annie, Ryan McQuaid and his band of merry men are there to help. There is something about the spy business that forges the most unwilling partnerships. Joan and Calder. Annie and McQuaid. It makes you want to sing “Why Can’t We be Friends?”

Down in South America, Borz slips through Annie and McQuaid’s fingers after a shooting which results in one death. Fortunately, McQuaid did get a shot off in Borz’s leg. Meanwhile, up in North America, Joan solicits her husband Arthur’s help in trying to figure out what McQuaid is really up to. It’s Arthur’s first day on the job at McQuaid Security, but he’s no help. He thought McQuaid was in Europe. And speaking of partnerships, Arthur may be lured into a partnership of sorts with McQuaid’s number two, a slender flirt in tight clothing named Kaitlyn. Let’s hope not. Arthur is a new dad given a fresh start.

A Washington pencil-pusher breezes into Auggie’s office wanting a response report. In essence, why didn’t Annie go inside the building and die in last week’s blast along with the other agents? Auggie takes offense to this woman’s line of questioning and insinuations. After all, his friend Charlie lost his life in that tragedy. The nerve!

The police detain McQuaid and Annie since they were seen milling around the crime scene. Annie even got caught leaning over the shooting victim’s body. While sitting on the curb in handcuffs, McQuaid asks Annie to join his team. Her answer is a flat no. That’s too bad because McQuaid’s money soon becomes the key that unlocks his handcuffs. Annie has to sit and stew a little while longer but she eventually gets to use her womanly wiles and lies to be set free.

Annie follows a young woman named Asha who is intrigued by Borz and tries to help him by purchasing some medical supplies. Annie talks some sense into the woman who then leads Annie to where Borz is hiding out. Annie spies Borz doctoring on his leg inside what has to be the most unsanitary house he could find. Borz sees Annie and runs for it. Sorry. He limps away at a pretty good speed considering.

They fight and he is actually able to get in some strong kicks with his good leg. It’s obvious Annie can’t take a punch like she used to but she does manage to knock him out and ends up lying next to Borz gasping for breath and writing in discomfort. McQuaid rolls up in a boat to rescue and apprehend. Lucky for Annie, he provides her with a big warm bed and a doctor to exam her. Annie confesses to having a heart condition called myocarditis – inflammation of the heart muscle caused by infections, viruses or immune diseases.

Auggie may be blind but there is nothing wrong with his hearing. He takes a seat at a local bar and recognizes the pencil-pusher’s voice coming from about three bar stools down. Before you can wink, blink or nod, these two are in the bedroom ripping off each other’s clothes. It appears Auggie is no longer offended.

Down Venezuela way, McQuaid, Annie and McQuaid’s merry men are preparing to leave. McQuaid is at the wheel. Annie is riding shotgun and the merry men are in the backseat looking like a couple of kids getting ready for a family outing. As for Borz, he is bringing it up from the rear – trussed up like a chicken and tucked inside the trunk.

Watch “Covert Affairs” on Tuesdays at 10:00 on USA Network.

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