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Counter Strike: Source review

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Counter Strike: Source


Counter Strike: Source is an update to the popular mod Counter Strike. The game was published and developed by Valve. The game was released on November 1, 2004. There is no plot to this game as the only objective is to win a series of rounds by either eliminating the opposing team, detonating one of two targets (applies to Terrorists only), rescue all hostage (applies to Counter Terrorists only), or let the clock run out.

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Graphics-The entire graphics engine has been updated with the source engine. It is pretty obvious that the game still looks as good as ever.

Sound-The voice acting in the game was done by one person only. While the voice itself isn’t horrible, it does take away personality and makes each character feel less individual. A little more diversity would have solved this issue.

Gameplay-Just like the original; the main emphasis is to complete objectives or eliminate the enemy. One thing to note is that the VIP escort mission was cut completely from the game. The reason why is never revealed. Also like before, you can purchase weapons and equipment before the start of each round. You get money from killing enemies, rescuing hostages, detonating or defusing the bomb. Once you die in a round, you don’t respawn until the round is over. While this may not bode well with some players, this is also an opportunity to learn from others of what to and what not to do during a round.

Bots-The most noteworthy change of all is the inclusion of bots. One advantage is this will allow players to play the game without fear of being dominated by better players. The second advantage is that you can play the game if your internet connection is very slow. The third advantage is that you can customize the bots to only carry specific weapons. The only disadvantage is that the bots tend to get too predictable too quick, which will cause a loss of interest in the game.

Overall-Counter Strike: Source is a solid game. This is also an example of how Valve caters to their consumers by providing new and interesting features. If you want to play this game without being picked on just because you’re a bad player, the bots in this game is a welcome.

Score: 4/5

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