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Copify USA a great content provider for writer and requester alike

Copify USA


Getting established as a freelance writer is a little rough, and sometimes paychecks can be few and far between. You may not know where to turn to get paying work when your clients aren't calling. There are options out there to get work to fill in these gap times, but there are a lot of content mills that just are not reputable or do not pay nearly enough for the effort they ask. Fortunately, Copify USA is not one of these sites. If you are a writer who can write quality articles, press releases, and website copy you can make a name for yourself and earn a good amount of money at Copify.

Copify USA is the American branch of Copify, a UK based company who recently expanded operations to the United States. Unlike many other online content providers, Copify uses only native writers. Customers in the U.S. order from writers in the U.S, and U.K. customers are served only by British writers. This is a good business practice that helps freelancer and content requester alike. The customer can order with the knowledge that the copy they get will be written by a native English speaker, and the freelancer benefits by having access to a site that pays higher on average than comparative sites that utilize foreign writers.

What Copify does right

Copify is not nearly as difficult to join as some content providers, who will make you jump through hoops until you decide they are not worth the trouble. You are tested and vetted to make sure that you are a writer native to the country you want to work in who possesses the requisite writing skills, but once you are verified you can instantly receive assignments. You may start as a standard writer, and be offered writing assignments based on that status, but it does not take too much time to prove yourself and qualify for the professional writer status. Once you are taking assignments, it doesn't take you too long to realize that Copify is a company that values your time. I have visited some sites where you are given a matter of hours to complete an assignment. Copify always gives you at least a day, sometimes more for assignments with a higher word count. If an assignment is still open when it is approaching the client deadline the rate of pay steadily increases to reflect that it will be a rush order.

What Copify can improve

Unlike other sites, where this list is much more impressive, Copify only has a few areas where modest improvement could be realized. I have noticed that sometimes an assignment can be available for quite some time before any notice goes out to inform you that it is available. I have also missed a deadline before because the deadline clock that was on the assignment brief didn't match the true deadline. These are minor technical glitches, though, and on the whole to site is solid. It is fortunate that missing a deadline is not an instant kiss of death that will get you banned, as is the case on some sites. In fact, you may have the opportunity to be reassigned the copy if other writers do not scoop it up first.

Why Copify instead of the competition?

One of the biggest advantages Copify has over the competition is that they do not cloak you in anonymity. They allow you to use your real name and show your real face as well as making your feedback from your jobs public. This means that if you do work you are rewarded with direct assignments from customers who are impressed with your writing. This also means that those who do poor quality work are held accountable for it. Copify proudly displays its top Copywriters on its web page, and if you write enough assignments at a high enough level of quality you can be promoted above your peers. This makes it easy on those who want to request content from a particular copywriter instead of making it a public request. I have met some of my favorite clients and gotten my most regular work through the platform.

If you are looking for a low hassle, low pressure site where you can pick up an assignment or two when you do not have other work, Copify is a great option for you. It is a site that values its writers while serving its customers with a quality product that they can depend on. It is far from perfect and the pay could always be better, but if you make the most of your opportunities you will find that its value pays off above and beyond the dollars and cents you are paid for your assignments.

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