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Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous: a health and beauty book by Scott-Vincent Borba

Scott-Vincent Borba's Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous is a cook book and beauty guide all in one.
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Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous


Esthetician and nutraceutical expert Scott-Vincent Borba's book, Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous, is full of tips on how to identify foods that yield better health. Borba shares age-reversing recipes. He also tells readers how to use products found in the kitchen to create home-spa facials.

Much of Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous focuses on skin-friendly foods. Page 42 includes an all natural spinach facial "recipe". Yogurt, honey, and lemon are the main ingredients in a sensitive skin facial found on page 95. On page 111 of his book Borba instructs readers on how to make a homemade kale scrub. There are dozens of skin care tips in the 256 page resource.

Borba's book contains numerous tips for hair care too. There are several "recipes" for homemade hair conditioners. An avocado hair conditioner for all hair types is provided on page 25. Two food based dandruff treatments are suggested on page 38.

Easy, simple nail care tips can be found on pages 171, 180, and 181 of Cooking Your Way To Gorgeous. According to Borba, massaging finger nails, cuticles, nail corners, and nail beds with a common cooking oil will promote healthy nails and release tension. It should work for toenails too. Borba writes, "Nail ridges may indicate a lack of protein, iron, or calcium." He goes on to suggest foods that contain a compound beneficial to nails. He also includes a suggested remedy for fingernails that flake or peel easily.

The primary aim of Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous is to provide practical beauty enhancing advice. The book's easy to prepare recipes simplify eating healthy. Borba merges a cook book with a health and beauty guide. He gives tips for how to be more beautiful from head to toe and from the inside out.