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Cooking with Québec Maple Syrup cookbook review

Cooking with Québec with Maple Syrup
Les Éditions Cardinal

Cooking with Québec with Maple Syrup cookbook


The Cooking with Québec Maple syrup cookbook by Anne Fortin is a collection of 60 enticing recipes made by some of Québec’s well known chefs.

Sacred Ritual

During the maple syrup season, it is a Québec tradition that has sugar shacks or ‘cabanes à sucre' offer maple syrup meals as well as maple syrup products to the public. It is an event that brings family and friends together for the sweet celebration of spring.

This chapter makes a very interesting read of the history of how the maple syrup process began with the Amerindians and progressed to the industry it is today.

At the Cabane à Sucre

The Cooking with Québec Maple Syrup cookbook lists the traditional maple syrup recipes served at the cabane à sucre such as Maple Syrup Dumplings, Baked Pork and Beans with Maple Syrup, Cooked Ham de la Cabane à Sucre, and Pouding Chômer (Poor Man’s Pudding).

Maple Recipes

Following are simple maple syrup recipes for fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, desserts, and drinks such as Upside-Down Apple Pie with Maple Caramel, Braised Root Vegetables à l’Érable ,Purée of Acorn Squash, Spare Ribs à l’Érable, Spicy Chicken with Maple, Warm Smoke-House Cod, Salmon with Spice Crust, Old-Fashioned Maple Syrup Pie, Maple Fudge, Apple Maple Syrup Muffins, Crispy Maple Macarons, Maple Ice Cream, Verrine of Maple, Curry and Coconut, Blueberry Smoothie à l’Érable, Caffé Latte à l’Érable, and Maple Toddy.

The recipes are well written, easy to follow, and accompanied by colour photos. Pages dedicated to ‘Learning the Sweet Lingo’, ‘The Tools and Utensils’, and ‘La Route de l’Érable (Four Seasons, One Gourmet Road) are also included

Cooking with Québec Maple Syrup is a must have cookbook to make recipes celebrating the scared ritual of spring and throughout the year.

The Author

Anne Fortin is the owner of the Libraire Gourmande bookshop located in Montreal's famous Jean-Talon Market.

Permission to use the Cooking with Québec Maple Syrup cookbook photo was granted by Les Éditions Cardinal.

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