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Cook like a gourmet chef with artisan ingredients delivered to your door

Ginger Cookies made with Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger
Sandra Dietch



“Know where your food comes from.” This has become the mantra of those interested in eating less processed, healthier whole foods. Many people love to cook and bake, but don’t know what spices to use with which meats, or which condiments would go best with which dishes. This isn’t always an easy task, while working full time and leading a busy family life, but Hatchery sets it up for you; and delivers it right to your door.

The concept of Hatchery is to deliver 5-6 artisan style tasting samples directly to the subscriber’s door, monthly. They source from small producers, and chefs test every product to ensure optimal quality. They provide easy recipes with printable shopping lists, in which to use your sample products. When you find something you just can’t live without, there’s a section on their website to order full sized products.

This is a different way of shopping for condiments, spices, oils, sauces and baking needs. Hatchery offers more insight into each product than your typical internet purchasing experience, for $20 per month. Each item is listed in a format which offers a detailed description of the product, containing its origins and also including a biography of the individual who produces it. Knowing exactly where your food comes from is so important – and having the ability to try artisan products before committing to an entire full-sized container is a wonderful way to experiment without breaking the bank. Check out their Youtube video here.

Impressed by the samples offered in my box, I shared them with my mother. I gave her the Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger, which “is grown and harvested on the island of Wakaya, Fiji, where the nutrient-rich volcanic soil packs it with trace elements and minerals.” This 100% organic ginger is in its purest form, “free of chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, and additives”. She used it to make these Orange and Spice Ginger Cookies and said they came out really nicely, and had a wonderful ginger flavor.

Also included in my box: a beautiful vanilla and chamomile infused maple syrup, balsamic jam, Chile red pepper tapenade, spice rub & Poire vinegar.

Hatchery also provides some tips and tricks on their website, in addition to their artisan-inspired recipes. The article “How to Use Extracts Beyond Baking” is one of my favorites. They even have an option to specifically search for gluten-free items. The selection they offer can turn an everyday meal into something really special. When your food turns out this good, you’re less inclined to want to go out to eat. Two things happen here: you save money. You also know exactly where all of your ingredients came from, because you bought them (hopefully at your local farms, farmer’s markets and road stands). The box comes with a full color insert which details the items in the box, where they came from, recommended recipes in which to use them, and the cost of a full-size container.

My only suggestion to Hatchery is that they add links to their recipes directly from the product pages, so that home cooks can easily combine the listed items with the recipes they can be used in. And I would also like to see them add a search on the recipe page by product, so that when the box is opened – I could go right to my computer and see all of the wonderful things I might be able to make with these beautiful products. Check out their Facebook page, Twitter feed, and if you’re looking for photo inspiration, their Instagram page.

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