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Conway Sax has to find a killer in the latest Steve Ulfelder mystery

Conway Sax mysteries are hard hitting investigations
Minotaur Books

Wolverine Bros. Freight & Storage by Steve Ulfelder


The Conway Sax novels by Steve Ulfelder are picture perfect taut mysteries. "Wolverine Bros. Freight & Storage", the fourth novel in this series is a very good addition to this hard hitting series.

Sax is a tough ex race car driver, who is not afraid to get his hands dirty to help friends. Eudora Spoon, Sax's sponsor from his days in the Barnstormers, a group of AA mavericks, needs his help to rescue her drug addict ex actor son Kenny Spoon, who has been kidnapped by a California gang led by Lobo Soto.

Sax rescues Kenny, with some skillful driving and brute force, and brings him home to Eudora in Massachusetts, where he is re-united with his mother and half brother Harmon, a former college football star, turned cop in the local department. But before Sax can even find out why Kenny was kidnapped, Sax witnesses a brutal murder on Spoon land. Sax chases the killers from the scene in a high speed car chase that ends with Sax finding that Lobo Soto is in Massachusetts and provided the triggerman. Sax vows vengeance, but first has to figure out why Kenny was kidnapped and why is a California gang involved back east. Its a tangled tale of money and greed.

The investigation leads to the vengeful wife of dead mafioso kingpin - who now controls the gang, a rail thin bookie, a gambling addiction and a land play aimed at building a casino. But who stood to gain the most from this murder?

Ulfelder keeps the tempo high, the action intense and hits all the high notes. One killer is expected, but the other planner and killer will take some hard hitting investigating to discover and Sax will have to outwit and escape some nasty situations in order to catch the hidden assailant.

Its a fine mystery.

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