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Continuum presents new dilemmas for Season Three

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Continuum Season Three Premiere


Can one person, or actually a second version of oneself, make a difference? In the season series premiere of Continuum Alec creates another time line for himself in an effort to avoid Emily’s death at the end of the last season. His efforts catch the attention of a new faction called the Freelancers who seem to be time travel police. They fear the damage Alec will create and appeal to the captured Kiera to stop him.
Tech savvy Alec has been the best hope for Kiera to return to her timeline of 2012 after traveling forward with time-jumping ‘terrorists’ hell bent on changing their present. Policing the Liber8 terrorists pushed Kiera to reveal her origins to her partner Carlos and launched a desperate attempt to retain the time traveling tech to put her right.
But that’s when Alec, the younger version of his 2077 self, began to waver on loyalty and heeded the wishes of his father, Escher. The death of Emily pushed Alec to create another timeline in order to save her leaving a second version of Kiera displaced again. This also created two Alec’s. One of them has to play coy with Emily so she won’t know he has altered the timeline to save her.
Alec from the new time line rushes to right things in his recent past while Kellogg thwarts Escher’s efforts by killing him. But we don’t know for certain if these efforts will save Emily’s life especially when Kiera jumps to Alec’s new past and frees Liber8 terrorist Garza from a prison. What will result from that will be anybody’s time jumping guess.
Kiera’s jump results in another oddity when the second Alec finds her second self dead in the recent past. So thanks to the oddities of science fiction physics, we find our heroine has survived to live in the altered time line; but will it return her to her rightful past and what effects will result from Alec’s alterations? The original time line has been altered in any event and it appears Kiera’s quest to defeat the Liber8 and return home has been altered for the time being as well. Just what will be the new quest for season three? Stay tuned.