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Continuous Interventions for Building Healthier Communities

Motto: 1 Parent, @ least 1 Child, Seeking the Other Parent
Motto: 1 Parent, @ least 1 Child, Seeking the Other Parent
Founder of Organization "The Other Parent Inc" Sponsored Workshop

Children Intervention Programs


There are interventions that are positive that have been put in place to aid in the constant battle of children with disorders. Whether, a child has been diagnosed with add, or adhd, etc., there should be a support team to render specialized assistance to each individual child, regardless of the type of disorder the child may exhibit. However, in order to form adequate groups of support, every entity enlisted should meet certain qualifications of characteristics, such as, one who acquires patience, and is equipped with the appropriate care to meet each individual child's special needs. Consequently, programs that are outlined in the local school districts should be thought of as practical involvement, therefore, the continuous interventions for children with disorders will entail the substantial training and involve parent or caregivers absolute participation with their communities of local jurisdictions.

On the contrary, children who are balanced and focused in the area of academics and extracurricular activities, whether school related or after school programs shall benefit tremendously. It is most rewarding to find people in our community endeavors who wish to work with families that want to make every effort to make a difference in their child's social lives that will oneday prepare him or her for the qualities of life in the future. One intervention that is soaring in some local cities are the many ''Mentoring and Leadership Programs" that are formed to help better the child's overall character and well being regarding the correlating programs that take on a genuine stance to develop boys and girls in their life long dreams and talents. Moreover, when a child who has disorders or one that does not wrestle with an infirmity realize their astute potentials, he or she can show forth the abilities within themselves being that of motivation and caring spirit about his or her family, friends, and expectations of overall goals set forth in life.

Nonetheless, children learn by being taught with support from those leadership teams that are already motivated and care about the welfare or well being of children of all walks of life and not just those who are sometimes often given a label in our growing societies. We as parents, leaders, teachers, caregivers, affiliate faith associations must help by reaching out to children who desire to reach his or her potential goals without sterotyping. And, every child should be given a chance to prove and earn the respect of being who he or she wishes to become, no matter what someone thinks of them, but based on the child's natural abilities and acquired skills.

Inspired by "Mentor and Leadership Programs" Written by, Angela Booker 6:08 p.m. 1/31/2011

The Recap from Being Active Learning lessons event. B.A.L.L. is a non profit community development event for ages 13 -35 to come together every (Saturday) to be active and receive a word from God. [non-profit] [Founder and Initiator, Kris Hosey] Youth and Adult Development Initiative 2013


  • Profile picture of Charlene Collins
    Charlene Collins 5 years ago

    Thanks for this.

  • Angie 5 years ago

    Charlene, thanks for your reply and taking the time to read my article.
    We must start with ourselves finding positive ways to enhance our children growth in both academics and recreational activities whereby he or she remain involved in community endeavors.

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