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'Confine' will make you cautious about who comes in your home



Thrillers are one of those genres that is thrown around a lot in films, especially when they can’t seem to figure out its category. For a real thriller to work there has to be some sort of aspect that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The latest, Confine keeps things in a central location for a streamlined story, but does it still have wide enough scope to make this thriller effective?

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Confine follows a former model who hasn't dared leave her London apartment in four years. Her refuge is violently invaded when an armed thief breaks in and takes her hostage. This is one of those films that is kind of hit and miss as a whole. The story is pretty simple and is an effective thriller, but there are a lot of moments in the film that don’t always make sense. The initial invasion is subtle and sets things up great taking things fairly quickly in a direction that you know things are not going to end well. Then as it moves forward and more characters get involved and the story develops some of the characters make decisions that are just odd. The lead character that is being held hostage is given numerous moments to escape or take charge, but instead just seems to go along with everything. Sure had she done something earlier would have made for a pretty short boring film, but the lack of cohesive behavior made it a bit frustrating at times. Had they spent a little time to explain more in depth the situation it might have made her mentality make a bit more sense. On the other side there are some fun crazy moments that are never over the top, but just nutty enough make for some fun that any home invasion film fan is sure to enjoy.

This is far from a perfect film, but thanks to its simplistic delivery and single location makes it work just well enough to be worth checking out. This is one that you need to just watch it for what it is and not look for any big twists or hidden messages, just let it play out and let it happen. If you enjoy these home invasion style thrillers then give Confine a chance and make up your own mind.

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