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Concert Review: Sleigh Bells live at Firefly Music Festival

Sleigh Bells perform live at the 2014 Firefly Music Festival
Sleigh Bells perform live at the 2014 Firefly Music Festival
Courtesy of Christina Smart, Copyright C. Smart 2014

Sleigh Bells live at Firefly Music Festival


With a drum cadence announcing their arrival to the Porch Stage at Saturday's Firefly Music Festival, Sleigh Bells' lead singer Alexis Krauss and guitarist/producer Derek Miller arrived ready to take on the packed crowd that had gathered, and ended up turning in one of the best sets of the festival, making a lot of people wonder: Why aren't they performing on the Main Stage???

Opening with the one-two punch of "Minnie" and "Comeback Kid," Miller and Strauss wasted no time winning over the crowd. Having now been on the road for almost a year supporting their last release Bitter Rivals, Sleigh Bells' live show (which includes drummer Chris Maggio and guitarist Ryan Primack) is a well-oiled machine, and while they can each anticipate each other's moves, the show hasn't become staged or forced at all.

Krauss is an extraordinarily dynamic frontwoman - and one who can actually sing live (!). Commanding the audience to dance and rock out, she and the band took turns throwing shapes and doing so with such intensity I'm amazed no one was injured.

Noting that they play a lot of festivals, Krauss gave props to the East Coast festivals that have blossomed over the past few years noting that Firefly is "the best festival we've ever played" with Miller nodding in agreement. "And I'm from this area!" Krauss added. "Well, New Jersey."

And with that, Sleigh Bells provided one last knockout with "A/B Machines" with Krauss crowd surfing into the audience and then laughing her way back to the stage (it was hard to tell who was having more fun - Krauss or the audience). Exclaiming "Now let's go watch Outkast!" Krauss went from being a lead singer to festival-goer - but one whose band just happened to turn in the best performance of the night.


Comeback Kid
Tiger Kit
Crown on the Ground
Bitter Rivals
Love Sick
Born to Lose
You Don't Get Me Twice
Riot Rhythm
Infinity Guitars
Young Legends
Sing Like a Wire
A/B Machines

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