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Concert getaways: Soul2Soul at The Venetian, Las Vegas

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw shine in the must-see concert on The Vegas Strip.
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw shine in the must-see concert on The Vegas Strip.
The Venetian

Soul2Soul featuring Faith Hill and Tim McGraw at The Venetian, Las Vegas


While Las Vegas may be best known for its casinos and palatial resorts, it has quickly become the A-List celebrity entertainment destination of North America. For fans of country and pop, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's Soul2Soul concert at The Venetian shines as one of the must-see shows on The Strip.

Soul2Soul aims to please and succeeds by crafting a much more personal, interactive experience than anything one would see on tour. Concertgoers are in for a treat as Hill and McGraw take over The Venetian's intimate concert hall and break down the glass wall that typically separates fans from their idols on stage. Throughout the show, the two regularly jumped off stage to perform in the aisles and dance with audience members. McGraw even went so far as giving his Fender guitar to one 10-year-old fan who travelled across the country to see him.

Regardless of any doubts the tabloids may invent about their romance, Hill and McGraw shine as the ultimate power couple on stage. Tender moments and heartfelt duets abounded during the concert as their undeniable connection poured beautifully into their music. The love they exuded was especially palpable at one point when the two sat facing each other knee-to-knee on stage, holding hands and singing surprise impromptu song dedications to one another.

Hill and McGraw laid their souls bare and showed the uncensored human side behind their celebrity image. It was clear they were frequently lost in each other's eyes several times during the evening, almost forgetting that a few thousand people were watching as they innocently flirted and stole the occasional kiss while sharing personal stories with the audience.

Soul2Soul receives a top rating because it was a concert that did not end up feeling like one at all. It was as if the singers had invited the audience into their living room for a private performance full of song and funny conversation between friends. The musical performance factor was superb. However, the singers' dedication to making a connection with each fan is what truly made it a memorable experience.

Soul2Soul is a limited engagement with only four remaining shows April 11-12. It's uncertain when the stars of country music will align like this again, so be sure not to miss it. To purchase tickets, visit The Venetian's website or call (800) 745-3000.

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