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Complete 1st season television show "ROGUE" out on DVD

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Now out on DVD, the first season of Rogue, produced by E 1 brings this soon to be cult classic available for purchase March 11th. Rogue is a suspenseful and adult content crime show that takes place in the shipyards of Oakland, CA. Police detective Grace Travis is undercover gathering evidence to bring down and arrest one of the city’s ruthless crime boss Jimmy Laszio. But when a drive by shooting kills Grace’s only son, she ignores both her family and her captain’s orders to pursue the people responsible for his murder.

Direct TV Television show Rogue
Direct TV Television show Rogue
Direct TV
The cast of ROGUE

Grace, played by Thandie Newton, is a wonderful actress who been in such movies as Mission Impossible 2 and The Pursuit of Happyness. Grace is a woman who is tormented by her son’s death, decides to return back from leave and return to undercover work in hopes of revealing a key piece of evidence that will link the death of her son and the gunman. Her blind disregard to orders from her captain and consoling from her husband, endangers the mission, herself and the ones she loves. Alone and isolated from her surviving daughter and loving husband, played by Sarah Jeffery and Kavan Smith, she abandon her pursuit of personal justice and reconnects with her family. Unaware Jimmy soon discovers Grace is an undercover cop and plans to kill her. Cornered and with no chance of escape, Jimmy, played by Marton Csokas, holds Grace’s life in his hands. Grace confesses and announce there is a mole within Jimmy’s organization who will stop at nothing to kill him and destroy his empire.Will Jimmy spare her life or will her fate be the same as her son’s?

Rogue is a hard-nose crime show that has moments of nudity, sexual scenes and harsh language.Based in the bay area of Oakland, CA. gives stunning views of the night skylines. Thandie gives such broad range of emotions to the character of Grace. Marton’s character, Jimmy Laszio, brings this ruthless European crime boss to life as a man who dreams of walking away from a business of crime and cruelty, but is forced back to defend his empire. Rogue, created by Matthew Parkhill, brings an adult and edgy crime show to audiences that offer a motherly perspective through the eyes of Grace whose search for personal vengeance is both dangerous and desolate. Rogue is available and out on DVD and season two will premiere on later this year only on DirectTv.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Reporting for, I am Brian A. Madrid.

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