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Common Core Curriculum: A guide for homeschool parents

The Homeschool Resource Roadmap


With 40 states fully implementing Common Core, homeschool parents need to be aware that major publishers are aligning their curriculum to Common Core Standards. Some publishers just happen to contain material that aligns and it was not intentional. Others have made a concerted effort to align with the new standards. Fearing boycotts from the homeschool community, some publishers are not divulging if their homeschool versions of curriculum align with the new standards.

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Contacting every homeschool publishers to figure out who is aligned with what standards is a daunting task. Surely, most homeschool parents do not have the time available to undertake such an endeavor. An internet search led me to The Homeschool Resource Roadmap. Tina Hollenbeck is the coordinator of this massive undertaking. This website lists almost every major homeschool publisher’s alignment to standards.

There are several likable things about The Homeschool Resource Roadmap. First, it is completely free to use. The developers could have charged a fee and done very well for themselves. Instead, they chose to share this information freely. You can use the online interactive version, download the entire file, or download only the specific standards you are concerned about.

The online version takes a while to load. It is a very large file. Downloading it to a laptop or desktop might work better for you. I do not recommend downloading the entire file to a tablet or phone because it will eat up all your available storage space.

Before deciding which section to browse through; read the instructions and understand what each term means. Some publishers have been using the same content for years, long before Common Core was ever developed. The same publishers may just happen to be aligned to some of the new standards. Other publishers have intentionally aligned to Common Core. Usually this is because they serve traditional schools as well and it is not financially feasible to produce two separate curriculums aligned to different standards.

Another feature of the website is a list of standardized tests and testing services. Just this list of testing providers is a boon. The real plus is that they are listed as either independent or Common Core aligned.

The Homeschool Resource Roadmap is a wonderful tool for all homeschool parents. It is worth taking a look through the material. If for nothing else, it will give you a good education of how far Common Core has crept into the homeschool community. Whether parents should use Common Core aligned curriculum or not is up to the parents. They are the ones who must decide what is in the best interest of their child.

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