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Common Core app denotes standards on the go SmartPhone App


K-12 teachers or anyone with a vested interest in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) can benefit from a handy little app produced by While the program is a marketing piece for its flagship Website providing CCSS tools for teachers — used separately serves a valuable role in retrieving standards on the go. Search the Google Play and the Apple App Store for “Common Core.” When you see a green square logo highlighted with a black bottom band, simply install, and you’re ready to easily examine hundreds of pages and deep dives into the standard intricacies.

MasteryConnect's Common Core App offers a wealth of information.

First, the app is ad free which makes searching a pleasure. The initial page provides two choices, Standards and Resources. The Standards are just that, the various CCSS for all disciplines and accompanying requirements. Secondly, the entire range of Standards is searchable and just as effective if not more than the CCSS Initiative main site. Finally, teachers, staff, administrators and anyone who has a vested interest in this mandate, will certainly appreciate the included Math, Language Arts, English Language Learner (ELL) and Student with Disabilities (SPED) resources.

For example, for Math, Standards for Practice and a Glossary help those in other disciplines easily decipher the nomenclature. For Language Arts — How to Read the Standards help operationalize them for the classroom. A College and Career Ready section and Key Design Consideration provide depth to grade specific learning. As a current author of lesson plans for Common Core Writing Standards, examining them in an operationalized fashion is a big time saver for faculty and curriculum development teams.

During the testing all features accept ELL and SPED opened quickly. It would be nice if the application behaved like a web page so one can simply pinch with thumb and index finger to spread and zoom in. Instead one has to tap to enlarge and reduce the font size. Even so, these shortcomings pale in comparison to the useful and accessible app features. A great app like this calls for a review of in a future Web 2.0 blog. In the meantime, for more immediate information on these offerings call MasteryConnect direct at (801) 736-0258.