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Coming to Theatres Sept. 26 A Matter of Faith

Evolution vs Creation Issue
Evolution vs Creation Issue
Rich Christiano



When worlds collide, sometimes it becomes... A Matter of Faith. Coming to Theatres Sept. 26 2014

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Movie Review

Rachel Whitaker is a Biology Major at the local University. Just your normal everyday college freshman, who is confronted with the issue of creation in here Biology Class. After speaking with her parents about her classes. Her father becomes concerned about what his daughter is being taught. And confronts Professor Kaman on a trip to the University. Who also needs a topic for the next debate on campus. And challenges Rachel’s father on the subject of creation. Further research on the subject reveals, the last professor was fired because of a confrontation with Professor Kaman. Stephen Whitaker, Rachel's father, tracks down Professor Portland who is bitter about losing his job 12 years ago. And tells Mr. Whitaker he has given up on the matter. And the subject is closed. Rachel is also confronted by staff of the school paper, who want to do a piece on the subject. Professor Kaman debates Rachel's Father in front of the student body, who brings into question the author of the bible, which he claims was simply written by man. And not from the inspired word of God. This movie is a great challenge to people of the Christian Faith, young and old. And we must always stand up, to those that do not believe.

A Matter of Faith Opens in Theatres Sept. 26 2014

Starring Jordan Travillion, Jay Pickett, Clarence Gilyard, and Harry Anderson.