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Comic Review: Black Widow #1

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Black Widow #1


Black Widow #1 is certainly great to look at. Phil Noto is one of those artists whose work I usually buy sight unseen. His retro, fashion illustration style, features fine linework and lovely color wash techniques, and as such, is a good fit for a character with roots in the superspy genre so prevalent in the 60’s-70’s.

The story was something of a letdown, however. It most reminded me of the current Hawkeye reboot, in its minimalistic, non-superheroic approach. And although it may have been recently explored, I found the notion of the Black Widow being in one of the nine Avengers teams, and also being an assassin on the side, incongruous.

The attempt at spare gravitas felt forced and fell flat. We get it. We don’t know her story. She’ll never tell. And she’ll us throughout the comic that she won’t tell us.

3 stars, mostly for the artwork.

BONUS! Natasha adopts a stray cat, who we know in future issues, will serve to act as her confessor. And also because Hawkeye adopted a stray dog.