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Comets - Lil Buddy ft. La'Dell Germaine

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Lil Buddy Comets ft. La'Dell Germaine


Recently I received track for review. To my surprise it was from one of my favorite Nashville Hip-Hop artists, Lil Buddy. Lil Buddy is a phenomenal artist, songwriter, and producer. I've actually had the pleasure of being in studio with him, and seeing this young man construct a track is an awe inspiring event. Getting back on the topic of this track, Comets, I opened my email to what may possibly be the next club banger for this part of the world. Comets, is powered by a powerful track, incredible singing, and clever verses. Keep reading below for a review of this track.

Lil Buddy, Comets featuring La'Dell Germaine, is powered by a lively rhythmatic track, which opens the first seconds with melodic high notes courtesy of La'Dell Germaine. Lil Buddy then comes in for the first his verse. A solid verse, where he expresses his other worldly style with subtle metaphors like "I stay on my sh!t, you know that i'm fly ain't it." The second verse finds Lil Buddy highlighing his team and fellow W.A.N.T.S. Lifestyle members. As well as reinforcing his baller status and musical superiority. Lil Buddy exclaims "I am harder than most, the Viagra flow. You know I stay checking hoes like gynocologists, whoa." Overall the pulsating track and crooning from La'Dell Germaine make this track a solid club hit. A track easy to dance to, that embeds its hook in your mind, "I'm not like them other guys. I don't live in the mid-life. I live in sky high life I'm a comet. You said you want to live this life, but you fail to live my life. Now you're looking sky high, high at the comet." I'd definitely say Lil Buddy just launched one into orbit with this one.

So long as he is able to load an album or mixtape with tracks like this I am sure everyone will be as enamoured by his music as I am. Be on the look out for his upcoming release In My Own Mind. In addition keep an eye on his team Sydney B., Yall Know Book, Lil Reggie, and Young'nn.

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