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Combat Creature fighting robot--special report by Matt Ferrara

They're big, they're awesome fighters

Command Creature fighting robot


There are many different fighting robots available, but few are as unique as the Combat Creature’s Attacknid series. After only a few moments moving my Doom Razor, it had captured my whole family’s attention. Out of the box, it comes with several interesting features:

  • Breakable Armor Pads, which spring off when the robots make successful hits against each other. There’s also a small red laser that can win the fight by hitting the enemy’s head multiple times.
  • Attack Disks, which can be aimed in a broad range. I was personally surprised just how fast and far the disks can shoot. These disks are your robot’s main way to attack, and are very safe and fun.
  • The robot can move 360º and easily traversed across my bed, carpet, gravel, and even light amounts of snow. It’s a little noisy, but it’s movements are quite detailed and spider-like.
  • A myriad of stickers so you can customize the robots with names and decals. Nearly every piece of the robot has additional customization options online from stickers to heads or as they call them: “Battle Brains”.

The robot is easily set up and can be bought online or in most stores for around $60 each. Although they are intended for multiple robots, it had enough features for my family to enjoy a single one thoroughly.

The Combat Creature’s Attacknid is a series, and has two different robots currently for sale: the disk throwing Doom Razor, and the missile firing Stryder. To learn more about these battle robots, visit their website:

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