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Colorado Coffee

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Colorado Coffee Company


The Colorado Coffee Company is a quaint coffee shop conveniently located in the Centerra area of Loveland, Colorado, off of Hwy 34, at 1450 N. Boyd Lake Drive. This coffee shop offers the usual generous supply of coffees, teas, pastries and bagels. The Colorado Coffee Company is a locally owned, locally operated coffee roaster that first opened for operation in Loveland on July 20, 2009. They boast that all of their coffees are high-altitude "micro-roasted" at their main shop in Loveland in a drum roaster. To ensure freshness and quality, no roasted coffees are sold over 10 days old. This coffee shop has as many as thirty flavors of coffee, all available either regular or decaffeinated.

While this shop is charming in its decor and the service is extremely friendly, many opt to go to coffee shops to use the wi-fi service. They do offer wi-fi but the problem seems to be logging onto it. Having been there three times and not being able to log on is an instant disappointment as normally, coffee shops are where this writer does her best writings and finds her greatest inspirations. But if a basic, simple coffee shop is what you are looking for, this is the place for you.