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Cold Stone Creamery in Westerville does gluten-free ice cream cake

Gluten-free ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery in Westerville, Ohio.
Gluten-free ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery in Westerville, Ohio.
Kimberly Bouldin

Gluten-Free Dessert


With my son's 16th birthday quickly approaching, I knew a special birthday cake was in order. Cold Stone Creamery in Westerville has partnered with Sweet Mama's Gluten-Free Bakery to produce one of the best gluten-free treats we have found so far.

Sweet Mama's Bakery, located at 2680 Billingsley Road, Columbus, Ohio 43235, makes the actual cake part of the ice cream cake, while Cold Stone Creamery assembles the cake with gluten-free ice cream, mix-ins and frosting.

When I called to place my order, I was pleased with the level of awareness the employee had about the gluten-free diet, cross contamination issues and which products would be safe to use in the gluten-free ice cream cake and which were not. There are three different size cakes offered - small round, large round and rectangle. I chose the large round (serves 14) which cost $38.00. As far as customization, there are two different options for the cake flavor (vanilla or chocolate); ice cream flavors (all are safe except for the cake/brownie batter versions); mix-ins (fruit, chocolate shavings and select candies are safe); and frosting. We went with vanilla cake with vanilla ice cream and chocolate shavings mixed in. The frosting was a chocolate ganache with chocolate shavings on the side.

I was nothing short of impressed when we picked up the cake! It was beautiful! Everyone was raving about this cake - even those who don't have to eat gluten-free! The birthday boy enjoyed two pieces, he liked it so much!

Cold Stone Creamery in Westerville is the only location offering gluten-free ice cream cakes at this point in time. The store is located at 762 N. State Street, Westerville, Ohio 43082. To place an order for a gluten-free ice cream cake, call 614-818-9031.

Kudos to Sweet Mama's Gluten-Free Bakery & Cold Stone Westerville for coming together to make this happen! I know that we will definitely be ordering a cake from them again in the future.