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Cogma Bikewear combines fashion with functionality

Cogma Bikewear's Brigitte Riding Dress and amiShtek Jersey


What is the first thing you notice about a cyclist? For me, I notice what they are wearing. I’d like to say I’m mostly noticing that because they are wearing a bright color that is clearly visible to cars, but generally, I’m noticing that their outfits are extremely nerdy and a poor color choice. I’ve never liked the idea of cycling clothes being so odd looking. Then, on a trip to the Sea Otter Classic, I came across Cogma Bikewear, and I was immediately blown away. Their cycling clothes are functional but also fashionable. In this day and age, we often ride our bikes to locations such as the store or to a friend’s house. Though normal cycling wear may work for the journey, it doesn’t work for the destination. Cogma Bikewear solves that issue.

The Brigitte Riding Dress from Cogma Bikewear.
Photo by James Hannibal
Cogma Bikewear's Brigitte Riding Dress and amiShtek Jersey
Photo by Susan Hannibal

The first item of clothing I noticed was the Brigitte Riding Dress. It is so fashionable and even comes in a bright mint color that keeps you visible. The dress can easily be worn over your favorite sports bra and riding pants/shorts, so it’s versatile. The dress features a short skirt that has a hidden slit in the back so that it cannot get caught on the bike seat, a zippered front that runs from the neckline to the skirt, a back pocket to store items while on the bike, and a reflective decorative strip on that back pocket to keep you visible from behind. The fabric feels like most cycling wear and is quick drying. From my tests, it is pretty easy to get stains out of as well. The color design is very slimming since the sides are in a dark color to create the illusion of a skinny waist – something most women tend to like! When I first received the dress, I was a bit concerned if I’d feel comfortable in something that was so short and tight. Oddly, I felt extremely comfortable in it! I wore the dress on rides, while walking around town, and just when lounging at home. Not only was I very comfortable at all times, but I felt pretty, sporty, and flirty all at the same time – a combination that I rarely feel! I absolutely love it.

Though the back pocket is open topped, it is deep enough to carry all of my essentials without fear of anything falling out: cell phone, cell phone charger, cable, granola bar, and some cash. The decorative reflective piece is very reflective and still fashionable at the same time (a welcome choice compared to all the reflective tape-happy vests currently on the market). The zipper is also a feature I love because it allows me to get more cool air to my skin if it’s a particularly hot day.

Though I love the dress as-is, I do wish there was also a model with sleeves. I’m often concerned about getting sunburned on my shoulders when I do long rides along the coast, and a sleeve option would eliminate that worry. I’d also love to see different color options such as hi-viz pink to ensure I’m as visible on the road as I can be.

The other clothing item I was able to test was the amiShtek Jersey for men. In addition to shoulder blade ventilation, this shirt has the very neat feature of having two side zippers that reveal a mesh lining. You could store items in this mesh back pocket, but mostly, I’ve found it’s best for letting air flow to your lower back. The man I had wearing it around town preferred the shirt to others for this reason. He wore it everywhere: on rides, to the store, to parties, etc. He loves it just as a normal shirt, but also for riding because of the great airflow. With this shirt, you can also easily wear a backpack without affecting the airflow too much. Plus, like the riding dress, this fabric is fast drying and wicks away moisture, even though it has the feel of a regular button-up.

The front of the shirt has one chest pocket, but it only has one snap on the left side. Though it appears to be mainly a style choice, it would make it easier to grab something small from the right side of the pocket without unsnapping it.

If I had to find some wish list items for this shirt, it would be similar to the Brigitte Riding Dress: more color options including a hi-viz version. That way, there are more options for consumers.

This clothing line by Cogma Bikewear is absolutely fantastic and finally allows you to feel fashionable while riding your bike and while at your destination. I personally can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

Made in San Francisco, CA.

For more information, visit

The Brigitte Riding Dress can be found at and is $105.

The amiShtek Jersey can be found at and is $90.

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